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Swamp Cooler Bandanas™

Just Wet it and Tie it Around Your Head...
Keeps You Cool in the Hot Summer Sun!

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Used by Sportsmen Everywhere! - Swamp Cooler Bandanas™
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Only $13.00 Each. Free Shipping/Handling.

The Rugged Style & Distinctive Look is What Makes Them So Popular!
Because of it's Unique Design, it Can Be Worn in Many Different Ways... Tie One on Today!

Click on a Photo and Check 'em Out!

The Bandana With An Attitude!!!
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The "Coolest" Sport Bandana
on the Market Today!

Swamp Cooler Bandanas™

Wear it Under Your
Favorite Hat Or Alone.
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As soon as we receive your order we'll ship it out immediately by first class mail.
You'll have your bandana within 7 days. Guaranteed!
(complete instructions on how to tie the bandana are included in every order)
Can Be Worn Wet or Dry, Summer or Winter.